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The Wi Pere Trust is a legacy left by the man Wi Pere for his descendants. The trust while constituted on 14 April 1899, was imposed on Wi Pere or he faced losing his legacy to the financial institutions of the time.

Beneficial interests or shares were bestowed and continue to be transfered to future generations today. The Trust is a statutory trust board in accordance with the Maori Purposes Act 1991. 

The governance of the Trust since inception had always had a majority of non Wi Pere whanau trustees. This started to change in the 1950's, until today the Trust is governed by 5 Wi Pere whanau members.

The current trustees and beneficiaries reflect the pride and passion that Wi Pere had in wanting the Trust's enterprises to be prosperous and successful.

The Wi Pere Trust is a mixture of cultures both whanau and commercial. While this makes the Trust somewhat unique, it adds to the challenges the trustees need to consider to ensure Wi Pere's legacy is nurtured and enhanced for its future generations of beneficiaries.

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Help Unite Te Aitanga a Mahaki

We need you to do two things. 

Firstly, make sure that you are registered and that you vote in favour of the mandate being sought by Te Aitanga a Mahaki.  Secondly, if you support a united Te Aitanga a Mahaki approach, you need to register with the Te Whanau a Kai Trust (seeking 90% of the forest or $180m and led by Dave Hawea) and the Nga Uri o Tamanui Trust (seeking 50% of the forest or $100m and led by Owen Lloyd & others) and vote against their trusts having the mandate on behalf of Te Whanau a Kai and Nga Uri o Tamanui.

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